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Decorating Your Houston New Construction Home for Christmas

The holidays are fast-approaching, and the excitement is growing. By now, you’re probably getting ready to decorate your Houston new construction home. If you need decorating tips, especially if this is your first Christmas in your new house, we’ve got you covered. LEVELTX will help you level up your Houston custom home this holiday season.

Choose a Basic Theme

The first step is picking your desired theme for your Houston new construction home. Are you leaning more toward a minimalist holiday look or the traditional style? The theme you choose can help you select pieces to put up. For instance, if you’re going for a rustic theme, you can use natural materials you find outdoors. DIY wreaths made from branches and leaves can look stunning on your front door. If you’re more into the modern aesthetic, picking white decor can add elegance. A Houston custom home builder will also suggest sticking to a color theme. If you want warm colors, choose red, orange, and yellow decor. If you want a cooler effect, blues and greens are an ideal match.

Invest in Holiday Lighting

Lighting instantly creates a festive mood in any home. Adding twinkle to your home makes for a cozy, inviting ambience. Make your guests feel welcome by adding string lights around your outdoor yard. Choose warm yellowish ones over white lighting. Pay special attention to areas your guests would spend the most time in, such as the dining room and living room. LED lights are safe and cost-efficient to use around the house. Fairy lights instantly add a magical feel to any space. Don’t forget to hang up your favorite Christmas lights outside your home. Lining your roof with holiday lights tells your neighborhood that the spirit of Christmas is alive in your home.

Pay Attention to Detail

Of course, nothing spells Christmas more than a Christmas tree. It is the main attraction in your Houston custom home. But aside from the big, eye-catching decorations, you should also focus on the small details. Throw a fuzzy blanket over your couch or swap your tablecloth for a plaid material. Festive pillow cases will spruce up any home for the holidays. You can also fill up unused spaces with paper decorations, real pinecones, scented candles, and the like. Adding these Christmas touches will make a huge difference.

Level Up Your Houston New Construction Home With LEVELTX

LEVELTX is all about constructing your vision into reality. Are you still thinking about whether to start on your Houston new construction home? LEVELTX offers construction and customization services so you can achieve your dream home, straight from a holiday magazine. We understand that this is your passion project. We take it just as personally. After careful planning, we will execute your vision with utmost precision. Schedule a consultation with our Houston home builder today. We look forward to working with you!

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