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Fixer Upper vs. New Construction: Which is Right for You

Deciding to design a house to suit your needs is an exciting process with many different avenues available for creating your dream home. But sometimes the sheer number of options available to help you achieve your residential property goals can seem overwhelming and leave you wondering not only where to begin, but which path to take when you do. Thankfully, our Houston house contractors are well-versed in new construction as well as renovation and can explain these choices and help you decide the right one for you!

Transform that Fixer-Upper with Houston Home Renovation

Did you find the perfect neighborhood with the exemplary schools and great community feel? Or have you laid down roots in your current home and have trouble moving elsewhere? There are many reasons you might choose to renovate a fixer-upper, but it’s often because your attachment to a neighborhood or house means you’re willing to transform the space in order to live in a specific location. In those cases, our expert Houston contractors can help you reimagine an outdated design, dysfunctional layout, and/or insufficient square footage. We can assist in room additions, layout reconfigurations, Houston bathroom renovations, Houston kitchen renovations, and more. When we complete a Houston home renovation, we take pride in helping you from start to finish, including interior design, material selection, construction, and cleanup.

Our Houston New Construction Contractors Can Build Your Dream Home

If a fixer-upper renovation doesn’t appeal to you or meet your needs, there are other options available. For those who prefer to build a new home from the ground up, our Houston home contractors offer a few different options:

Build on Your Lot

If you own a plot of land and want to build on your lot, the possibilities are endless. And while this is exciting, it can also be overwhelming without the right Houston home builder in your corner. Luckily, our Houston residential contractors are experts at making your visions a reality in a streamlined and efficient way, reducing your stress and eliminating any confusion in the process. Once we understand your tastes, needs, and budget, we’ll begin the project and manage it closely. Houston build on your lot with LEVELTX is a truly custom experience that yields truly incredible results.

Residential Developments

Another option available for those who want a new-build home is to build within a residential development. These neighborhoods have become increasingly popular over the past few decades due to modern amenities, tight-knit communities, and the chance to build your house from the ground up. Most residential developments feature the option to choose from a number of approved floor plans and materials. While not as custom as Houston build on your lot home construction, there’s plenty of room to add your personal touches to match your tastes and needs. 

LEVELTX Can Meet All Your Houston Residential Construction Needs

Our Houston home contractors take great joy and pride in seeing your dreams become reality, which is why we’ve been offering our construction expertise to the community for more than 50 years. Call us today to discuss the many ways we can meet your residential construction needs!

LEVELTX™ is the GOLD standard of the construction industry.

When you entrust LEVELTX™ with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into reality.

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