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How To Pick Paint Colors For Your Houston Custom Home

If you are planning to decorate or build your home, choosing the right colors is an essential step. Paint can make or break your dream home. It can give a room the life it needs, bringing a distinct energy your guests will immediately feel. Picking the wrong colors can also suck the life out of a room. Other times, it can clash with the rest of your interior design aesthetic. With all this in mind, making an informed decision on color palettes is a crucial part in building your Houston custom home.

Choose the Colors You Love

Deciding on a color scheme for your Houston custom home starts with what you already love. Are you more drawn to hues of blue, green, and lavender to create a cooling feeling? Perhaps you prefer warmth from reds, oranges, and browns? Or do you enjoy both depending on your mood? Look around your existing decor to see what you already like. Choosing your favorite color as your base color is a good start to creating an entire scheme around it.

Find Inspiration Anywhere

Interior design has always been about finding inspiration wherever you look. Magazines and coffee table books have never failed when it comes to giving you a visual representation of what you already have in your head. Countless websites offer mood boards and style catalogs that can immensely help you in your creative process. You can even find inspiration outside, in nature or cityscapes. Compile all your ideas into a notebook, so you can decide which ones to keep.

Learn Basic Color Theory

Choosing colors that go well together doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are inexpensive tools you can use, such as color wheels and online apps, to help you pick complementing colors. With a turn of the wheel, you can see how colors will look beside each other. This way, you and your Houston homebuilder can have a good idea of the finished result on your walls.

Don’t Be Afraid of Neutrals

Bright colors that pop aren’t the only way you can get creative — you can do just as much with shades of white. In fact, a Houston homebuilder will recommend the majority of your walls to be painted white, while accent colors can be added to furniture and decor. Just because you use neutrals, it doesn’t mean that your house will become boring. Going for neutral colors is a great way to showcase artwork and statement pieces while staying in the sophisticated look.

Choose the Right Finish

Light will hit certain paint finishes differently from others. Choosing the right finishes is a great way of attaining the visual appeal that you want. A satin finish will offer a practical advantage, as it is easy to clean and wipe off. It is best suited for high-traffic areas, such as hallways and bathrooms.  Matte finishes are recommended for rooms that won’t be touched as often. Finally, glossy finishes are best used on trimmings, baseboards, and cabinets.

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