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Myths and Facts About Building a Houston Custom Home on Your Own Lot

Building on your lot is a popular way to achieve your dream home. You have full control over everything, from floor plan to fixture details. You can choose your ideal location and maximize open spaces. The customization possibilities are endless. Not to mention, you can avoid building restrictions implemented by some communities. You can also increase your real estate value when you build your Houston custom home on good land. A common misconception is that building on your own lot is overwhelming. Here are some facts to dispel the myths.

Myth #1 – I’ll have a hard time finding a lot.

Not everybody gets to inherit land or be savvy in real estate. Some clients think it’s impossible to find the perfect piece of property for your Houston custom home. There could be aspects of the area that they can miss. They might not also be aware of slope, orientation, outcroppings, and the like.

Fact #1 – Your home builder is a valuable resource.

A Houston custom home builder can help you make informed decisions on the lot you want. They can advise you on different aspects of the property. After all, they will be the ones to build your home for you. Consulting with a Houston home builder can ensure that construction will go smoothly. 

Myth #2 – I won’t be able to afford building on a lot.

The main concern our clients have is that a Houston new construction home is too expensive. The whole concept of a custom home is that you can choose all the features you want. However, not all upgrades and add-ons are necessary, as long as you have the basics down.

Fact #2 – Home builders work around your budget.

A good home builder will ask about your budget and work around it. We help you decide what to prioritize as opposed to upgrades that can blow up the costs. In addition, we offer a variety of floor plans to fit different budgets. Check out our 5, 4, and 3 bedroom floor plans suitable for all types of families.

Myth #3 – The whole process is long and complicated.

Some clients think that building on your lot is tedious and seemingly endless. A lot of them want to move in soon, so constructing from scratch isn’t that appealing. They are also worried that things will get too complex because of all the options.

Fact #3 – We facilitate the entire building process.

LEVELTX believes that the key to the success of your project is great planning. We have a team of engineers and architects who will guide you from start to finish, to make sure your needs are met. We also have construction management software for clear communication all throughout.

Build Your Houston Custom Home on Your Own Lot

If you are looking to build on your lot, LEVELTX is here to provide precise and personal custom construction services. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on your dream project! We will construct your vision into reality.

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