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What Is Your Interior Design Taste? Ideas for Your Houston Custom Home

Attaining your dream home starts with a great design plan. Being able to put your taste and aesthetic into paper will make it easier to get the look you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to go for something classic or flashy, having a clear design plan will serve as your guide from the big to the small details. Below are some popular design styles that can help you understand the elements involved so you can start creating your Houston custom home once you've picked from one of our custom home floorplans.


Traditional interior design is all about incorporating classic pieces. It draws inspiration from 18th and 19th-century European sensibilities. You will see a lot of antique pieces, marbling, mahogany furniture, and patterned fabric to create a fancy yet sophisticated home. Our Houston homebuilder may recommend a lot of layering and dimensionality when you go for the traditional route.


In contrast to the traditional style, modern homes are characterized by clean, refined lines with a simple color palette. Some may confuse modern design with contemporary design. The difference is that modern decor is influenced by a design movement in the early to mid-20th century. You will usually see refined metals, glass, and steel materials in a Houston custom home with a modern design.  


Some people don’t want to be limited to one design aesthetic. That’s where transitional design styles come in. They mix together traditional elements with a modern take, resulting in a mishmash of warm textiles and fresh silhouettes. It blends together the welcoming appeal of traditional decor with the sleek, decluttered feeling of a modern home. Many typically love this style because it’s not too masculine yet not too feminine and it can easily grow with them and serve as a way to compromise between the different finishes our Houston custom home builder offers.


A popular design aesthetic among younger homeowners, this minimalist style is influenced by Scandinavian interiors. It puts focus on functionality, ease of living, and natural elements. Wooden pieces that are pale or ashy are common elements of a Scandinavian home. There is little ornamentation or decorative pieces, with partially upholstered sofas becoming the centerpiece of a room.


The rustic design style can also be described as farmhouse charm with a few industrial touches. It highlights natural materials inspired by the beauty of nature. Sheepskin and cow hides soften the dark wooden furniture to create a cozy feeling one would get when relaxing by the fireplace. Our Houston custom home builder may add accessories from the outdoors, such as wooden beams or a vaulted ceiling, to add warmth to a rustic type of home.

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