Picking a lot

Build on Your Lot: How to Find the Right Land for Your Houston Custom Home

Building a home on the perfect piece of land is the ultimate goal for families. You get to have a space you can truly call your own—without the restrictions and limitations of apartment living. But before you can live your dream, the first step is finding the right lot for you. Many people find this daunting because of the many options you can take. Do you hire a realtor or DIY a property search? The third route is to work with a Houston custom home builder. 

First Steps in Building on Your Lot

Not sure where to start? LEVELTX will gladly be your partner in your hunt for the best property. We can connect you with the right people and make recommendations to make your search easy. We will also help you narrow down your choices based on these factors:

Your Budget

First and foremost, we need to set your budget not just for the land, but for the entire Houston build on your lot process. We take into account costs for construction, interior design, permits, land surveying, and others. LEVELTX works with different types of budgets. After defining your budget, we can help you start looking for that ideal piece of land.

The Right Location

When building your Houston custom home, the number one factor is location. Do you want to live in the countryside where it is quieter? Do you want to live close to your office in the city? Perhaps you’re interested in a suburban community? Your area of choice will help you filter the search. You’re making the biggest investment of your life, so make sure the location ticks all your boxes. 

Home Features You Want

After defining your budget and location, it’s time to write down the features you want for your Houston custom home. Do you want open spaces for a garden or playground? How many rooms do you have in mind? What design style are you going for? The guidelines you set will make your search much easier.

You Found a Lot You Like. What Now?

Once you find a lot to your liking, LEVELTX will conduct a feasibility study to make sure that the property you chose is the right investment for you. With over 25 years of experience, we can help you make informed decisions. Next, you will work with our architects and engineers to design your dream home. After careful planning, we will begin constructing your vision into reality. 

Build a Houston Custom Home on Your Lot Today

Level up your build-on-your-lot Houston custom home with LEVELTX! From start to finish, we will guide you on a personal, planning, and precise level. Even though this is your passion project, we take it just as personally. After thorough planning, we’ll complete your new home with utmost precision. Want to learn more about finding the right land for you? Contact us today for a consultation!

Our Commitment To Your Vision

When you entrust LEVELTX with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into your new reality.


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