Fall Fun at Your Custom Homes on Lake Conroe

Fall Fun at Your Custom Homes on Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe attracts countless people in the summer who love outdoor activities like fishing and kayaking, but summer isn’t the only time to enjoy this beautiful place. The fall season offers a lot of fun things to do on Lake Conroe and its surrounding towns. Level up your autumn getaway with LEVELTX. From great food and historic parks to family-friendly farms, you’ll never run out of things to do. Here are some reasons why living in custom homes on Lake Conroe is a good idea. 

Visit a Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Your Lake Conroe custom home is just a short drive from Montgomery, where annual fall festivals are held. Let your kids run around a pumpkin patch or get lost in a corn maze. P-6 Farms has lots of fall activities the family will love. Go on hayrides or interact with the farm animals. Simply enjoy the atmosphere complete with jack-o'-lanterns and farm-fresh fares.

Walk Around Historic Downtown Conroe

Downtown Conroe is home to iconic spots, such as the Crighton Theatre. There, you can watch shows that range from music, comedy, and stage theater. You can also spend the afternoon in Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park. Get to know the area’s historical significance while enjoying the fall weather with the family.

Tour Local Breweries and Wineries

It’s time for the adults to have some fun. B.E. Winery serves delectable wines on their lush 15-acre land. The vineyard provides the perfect ambience for an evening out with friends. Prefer the pub atmosphere? The Southern Star Brewing Company produces the best craft beer in the area. Complete the day with a sumptuous meal at the marinara. Top-rated restaurants line the Waterpoint to let you enjoy good food and a spectacular view.

Attend Our Fall Festival & Open House Event

Join us for a day of fun! We’ll be having an open house event this October 29th! Take part in awesome games, win raffle prizes, and discover delicious food. We even have a pumpkin patch for your kids to enjoy. Bring the whole family to see your future custom homes on Lake Conroe. Our entire team will be happy to assist you if you have any questions about our Lake Conroe community. Get a good feel of your dream home and the entire neighborhood. RSVP at the link here!

Check Out Custom Homes on Lake Conroe

Interested in living in your own custom home on Lake Conroe? LEVELTX will construct your vision into reality. We are a Houston custom home builder that operates on a personal level. Even though this is your passion project, we take it just as personally. We believe that great planning will make your Houston new construction project a success. We work with utmost precision to make sure your vision comes to life. From project management to execution, we will honor the time frame and budget you set. Contact us today to start your dream lake house.

What to Look for in a Houston Home Builder

What to Look for in a Houston Home Builder

Building your own home is an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re working with the wrong builder. The best way to ensure a smooth and streamlined project, whether it’s a Houston new construction home or Houston build on your lot home, is to find a reputable builder who will execute your project to your standards, on time, and on budget. We’ve outlined the most important traits to look for in a Houston custom homebuilder.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Houston Home Builder

Customer Reviews

When a quality Houston homebuilder executes a project, homeowners are eager to share their experience with others in the form of online reviews and word-of-mouth opinions. Do a quick search of Houston home builders that seem like a good fit for your project and research their online reviews, looking for patterns of their business practices and considering the following:

  • Are they easy to reach? 
  • Are they quick to respond? 
  • Do they complete their projects on time and under budget? 
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Are customers pleased with the results?

Another way to research Houston custom home builders’ reputations is to drive through a neighborhood that features a few of their previous projects on a weekend afternoon when many homeowners are outside. Not only does this give you the opportunity to see their work in person, but also a possible chance to speak to the homeowners and survey their opinions on their experience with the home builder in question. This tactic is especially helpful in receiving honest, immediate feedback, as opposed to online reviews, which some disreputable builders pay others to write. 

Quality of Craftsmanship

Your house is your sanctuary, and when building a Houston new construction home, you expect this sanctuary to be built to last with quality materials. Our Houston home builder stands behind the work we do, which is why we offer our clients a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, which is the industry’s leading structural warranty provider. This insurance-backed structural warranty provides 10 years of structural defect coverage for load-bearing components, 2 full years of distribution systems coverage (electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and HVAC ductwork), and 1 full year of coverage against workmanship and materials defects. Thanks to 25+ years of experience, LEVELTX takes our craftsmanship to the next level in terms of quality, beauty, and precision.

Ability to Stay on Budget

Houston new construction homes have jumped in price the past decade due to a number of factors. Soaring materials costs and a sharp increase in area property values have led to tighter budgets, which is something we take seriously. We want you to enjoy your finished Houston new construction home without the stress of higher payments on finishes you can’t afford. Not only do we claim $30 million in managed client budgets, but we search tirelessly for quality materials that meet your taste, lifestyle, and budget. We advise our clients on ways to trim costs on unnecessary finishes and would never upsell a component you don’t need or can’t afford.

LEVELTX: Constructing Your Dream into Reality

When you have a vision for your Houston new construction home or Houston build on your lot, our mission is to make your dream a reality.  Call our team today and schedule an appointment with our experienced Houston custom home builder. We’d be honored to execute your project on a personal, planning, and precise level.

Myths and Facts About Building a Houston Custom Home

Myths and Facts About Building a Houston Custom Home

Are you hesitant about building a custom home? We notice a lot of our clients have misconceptions about customizing their own home. Granted, they are valid concerns. But we are here to dispel myths from facts about the new construction home process. At LEVELTX, we work on a personal level to bring your project to life. We help you fulfill your vision with utmost precision. Still not sure if a Houston custom home is for you? Allow us to help you make informed decisions.

Myth #1 – I won’t be able to afford a custom home.

The main concern our clients have is that custom homes are too expensive. The whole concept of a custom home is that you can choose all the features you want. However, not all upgrades and add-ons are necessary, as long as you have the basics down.

Fact #1 – Home builders work around your budget.

A good home builder will ask about your budget and work around it. We help you decide what to prioritize as opposed to upgrades that can blow up the costs. In addition, we offer a variety of floor plans to fit different budgets. Check out our 5, 4, and 3 bedroom floor plans suitable for all types of families.

Myth #2 – I have to look for a lot myself.

Looking for a lot to build on can be challenging if you are not well-versed in real estate. There are zoning rules and area restrictions to watch out for. If you don’t want to go through this process, you can choose to live in one of our amazing communities.

Fact #2 – We have beautiful communities available.

Lakefront living is within your reach if you choose us as your Houston home builder. From our Lake Breeze to our French Quarter communities, you can’t go wrong with your Houston custom home. We’ve made sure that your lot is in a prime spot in the state so you can make the best investment.

Myth #3 – The whole process is long and complicated.

Some clients think that the Houston custom home process is a tedious one that is seemingly endless. A lot of them want to move in soon, so constructing from scratch isn’t that appealing. They are also worried that things will get too complex because of all the options.

Fact #3 – We facilitate the entire building process.

LEVELTX believes that the key to the success of your project is great planning. We have a team of engineers and architects who will guide you from start to finish, to make sure your needs are met. We also have construction management software for clear communication all throughout.

Construct Your Houston Custom Home With LEVELTX

Construct your vision into reality with the help of LEVELTX. Whatever your custom home needs are, our team will be there to educate you on every aspect of your project. Contact us today to get started!

Tips on How to Furnish Your New Houston Custom Home

Tips on How to Furnish Your New Houston Custom Home

Your new custom home won’t be complete without the perfect interior design. Now that you’ve laid out your floor plans, it’s time to furnish your dream home. Picking the right furniture may seem like an overwhelming task. After all, it bears a lot of weight on your entire look. But with a Houston custom home builder by your side, you’ll never get lost in the process. LEVELTX provides Houston custom home services with a personal touch. We’ll help you furnish your home while considering both function and style.

Compile Your Ideas

The first step is simple. Write down all your ideas and create rough sketches. We believe that the key to a successful project is great planning. Do you have a specific design style you’re going for? Compile inspirations, whether you want something modern, traditional, or anything in between. Whatever comes to your head, put it on paper so you can always go back to it. Even if it’s as simple as a vanity mirror in the hallway, we want to hear about it. We want to know what excites you so we can create a cohesive look for your interiors.

Consider Your Needs

It’s always a good idea to think about the future when furnishing your Houston custom home. If you plan on expanding your family, then you can set space for a nursery room. Will you have friends come over all the time? Add extra furniture for an entertainment room or a guest room. Do you plan on working from home? Consider designing an office room with desks and shelves to suit your needs. When adding amenities to your custom home, think of what will be most useful for your lifestyle.

Maximize Your Lot

If you’re building a Houston custom home, there’s a good chance that you’re doing it on your own lot. Building on your land has many advantages, which you can read about here. You’d be able to maximize your lot if you furnish your home wisely. Do you have a wide backyard? Decorate it with outdoor furniture and even a bonfire. Is your land sloped rather than flat? Choose furniture that will complement this feature. LEVELTX will help you make informed decisions on these matters.  

Prioritize Function and Features

When it comes to furnishing your Houston new construction home, you can always find the middle ground between function and aesthetics. Let’s say your family likes to go back and forth between the kitchen and living room. Create a floor plan that allows an easy flow between the two rooms. It’s also wise to place bedrooms far from those high-traffic areas. If there are features you definitely want in your home, let your Houston home builder know. We’ll prioritize these pieces so you achieve the look that you want.

Design Your Houston Custom Home With LEVELTX

Level up your interiors with LEVELTX. We are a Houston custom home builder that specializes in constructing your vision into reality. Whether you need help with your floor plans or furnishings, you can trust our team at all levels. Contact us today for an appointment!

5 Reasons to Build On Your Lot With a Houston Home Builder

5 Reasons to Build On Your Lot With a Houston Home Builder

Building your dream home on a lot of your choice is the ultimate goal for most. The allure of having full control over everything is undeniable. It’s true that building on a community has its advantages. But for some people, having their own lot is more aligned with their needs. With the right Houston custom home builder by your side, you can achieve beyond your expectations. LEVELTX constructs your vision into reality with our Houston custom home services. Read on to know more about the benefits of building on your own lot.

Choose Your Ideal Location

Are you more of a city person or a countryside one? Do you want to live in the middle of the woods or high up in the mountains? If you’re going to purchase a piece of land, it’s bound to be one you really love. It’s a big investment to make but one that will surely pay off. Perhaps you want to live near the water? As long as you have your own lot, you can achieve your perfect home.

Maximize Open Spaces

Just because you have your own land, it doesn’t mean your house has to be huge. Building on your own lot means you get to customize your house to yard ratio. Do you want more space for a garden or backyard? You can do exactly this with a Houston build on your lot. A Houston home builder can help you construct a modest-sized home but with a large surrounding field. 

Customize With Endless Possibilities

Let your imagination run free with a Houston new construction on your lot. Patios, basketball courts, outbuildings, guest houses, and garages are just some of the additional structures you can have. As long as you don’t violate any zoning and building restrictions, you should be good. You can always consult with our Houston home builder, especially when it comes to HOA rules.

Avoid Building Restrictions

Living in a planned community means you have to abide by a set of rules. You can’t go beyond the maximum square footage, and there may be color restrictions. You don’t have to worry about these with your own land. You have the freedom to maximize the space that you have. Our Houston home builder can help you draw out the perfect floor plan for this.

Increase Your Real Estate Value

Building on your own land has a great return on investment. The market value will just keep on increasing. If you decide to resell in the future, there is also the potential for profit. Well-developed lands are always a hit in the real estate world.

Contact a Houston Home Builder for Your Dream Project

If you are looking to build on your lot, LEVELTX is here to provide precise and personal custom construction services. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on your dream project!

Our Commitment To Your Vision

When you entrust LEVELTX with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into your new reality.


With over 50 years of combined design-build experience, LevelTX is a Houston-based premium builder for residential and commercial projects, as well as custom homes and Build On Your Lot.


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