How to Make Your Home Look Like a New Model Home

How to Make Your Home Look Like a New Model Home

We all want our homes to have that stunning, fresh-from-the-pages-of-a-magazine look, but we weren’t all born with an eye for design. Luckily, there are some tricks that you can adopt to make your house look like a Houston new build home. And when you’re ready for expert help, turn to our Houston house contractors. Thanks to a keen sense of style and an understanding of modern design trends, we can guide you to make the right choices for any type of Houston home remodeling project, from a full Houston kitchen or bathroom renovation, to small changes that can make a big impact. 

Tips to Create a Houston New Model Home Look

Consider a Houston Kitchen Renovation for Improved Form and Function

The kitchen isn’t only the most frequently-used room in the house, it’s also the one many house hunters deem the most important. So it’s no wonder that most new model homes have stellar kitchens designed to wow potential buyers. Consider investing in modern appliances, updating your cabinetry, or replacing dated or uninspired backsplash tile. Sometimes an effective Houston kitchen renovation will also include reconfiguring the layout of your space by opening it up to a common living area or adding an island for more opportunities to gather comfortably with friends and family. Our Houston home remodeling experts can help you reimagine your existing kitchen and transform it into the one of your dreams. 

Create an Oasis With a Houston Bathroom Renovation

Many new model homes feature master suites with bathrooms designed to promote the ultimate relaxation experience. If you want yours to exude that same spa-like quality, then consider investing in a Houston bathroom renovation. Our new build homes often include high-end finishes and modern amenities in a space that feels private, yet bright and airy, which we encourage for our Houston bathroom renovations as well. Items like spa tubs, rainwater showerheads, and new lighting can help your bathroom feel like an oasis.

Other Updates to Consider Throughout Your Home

While Houston kitchen renovations and Houston bathroom renovations are incredibly impactful, there are other things you can choose to include in your Houston home remodeling that can transform your space and make it look like a new model home. 

  • Invest in new lighting by replacing old fixtures or installing new sources of light.
  • Update your flooring to feature the same material throughout your home, which makes your space look larger
  • Choose subtle, versatile paint colors and maintain either a cool or warm tone throughout.
  • Reconfigure any layout issues that prevent your home from feeling open and easy to navigate.  

Houston Home Remodeling With LEVELTX Will Transform Your Space

If that Houston new model home look is what you’re after, our Houston house contractor can make it happen. Whether you need a Houston kitchen renovation, Houston bathroom renovation, other remodeling projects, or a complete overhaul, we have the experience and skill to help create the space of your dreams. Call us to schedule an appointment with our team, who will happily come out and view your home to gain an understanding of your needs, style, timeline, and budget. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful and comfortable home without having to spend a fortune, so we’ll work with you to stay within your price range. We look forward to meeting you and transforming your space into one you’re proud to call home. 

Fixer Upper vs. New Construction: Which is Right for You

Fixer Upper vs. New Construction: Which is Right for You

Deciding to design a house to suit your needs is an exciting process with many different avenues available for creating your dream home. But sometimes the sheer number of options available to help you achieve your residential property goals can seem overwhelming and leave you wondering not only where to begin, but which path to take when you do. Thankfully, our Houston house contractors are well-versed in new construction as well as renovation and can explain these choices and help you decide the right one for you!

Transform that Fixer-Upper with Houston Home Renovation

Did you find the perfect neighborhood with the exemplary schools and great community feel? Or have you laid down roots in your current home and have trouble moving elsewhere? There are many reasons you might choose to renovate a fixer-upper, but it’s often because your attachment to a neighborhood or house means you’re willing to transform the space in order to live in a specific location. In those cases, our expert Houston contractors can help you reimagine an outdated design, dysfunctional layout, and/or insufficient square footage. We can assist in room additions, layout reconfigurations, Houston bathroom renovations, Houston kitchen renovations, and more. When we complete a Houston home renovation, we take pride in helping you from start to finish, including interior design, material selection, construction, and cleanup.

Our Houston New Construction Contractors Can Build Your Dream Home

If a fixer-upper renovation doesn’t appeal to you or meet your needs, there are other options available. For those who prefer to build a new home from the ground up, our Houston home contractors offer a few different options:

Build on Your Lot

If you own a plot of land and want to build on your lot, the possibilities are endless. And while this is exciting, it can also be overwhelming without the right Houston home builder in your corner. Luckily, our Houston residential contractors are experts at making your visions a reality in a streamlined and efficient way, reducing your stress and eliminating any confusion in the process. Once we understand your tastes, needs, and budget, we’ll begin the project and manage it closely. Houston build on your lot with LEVELTX is a truly custom experience that yields truly incredible results.

Residential Developments

Another option available for those who want a new-build home is to build within a residential development. These neighborhoods have become increasingly popular over the past few decades due to modern amenities, tight-knit communities, and the chance to build your house from the ground up. Most residential developments feature the option to choose from a number of approved floor plans and materials. While not as custom as Houston build on your lot home construction, there’s plenty of room to add your personal touches to match your tastes and needs. 

LEVELTX Can Meet All Your Houston Residential Construction Needs

Our Houston home contractors take great joy and pride in seeing your dreams become reality, which is why we’ve been offering our construction expertise to the community for more than 50 years. Call us today to discuss the many ways we can meet your residential construction needs!

What to Look for in a Houston Kitchen Renovation Company

What to Look for in a Houston Kitchen Renovation Company

Embarking on a kitchen renovation is an exciting project that warrants diligent research, a keen eye, and great attention to detail. Because it is such an involved process, it’s imperative that you find an expert house contractor to complete your Houston kitchen renovation and who will guide you from start to finish. Given the sheer number of Houston kitchen contractors from which to choose, however, this can be a daunting task. Many homeowners aren’t even sure where to start! This article will help you get a better idea of how to find the perfect company by outlining what you should look for in a Houston kitchen renovation company.

Choose a Contractor Who Can Meet All Your Houston Kitchen Renovation Needs

A Houston kitchen renovation requires expert knowledge and application of many construction specialties, such as engineering, design, plumbing, electrical wiring, and installation of materials. If you choose a kitchen renovation company without the ability to complete all these items themselves, you’ll be subcontracting work out to other contractors who can. This can not only eat away at your budget, but also your time by locating these subcontractors, researching their credentials, and scheduling times for them to come out and complete the work, which can often stall other parts of your Houston kitchen renovation.

LEVELTX is a full-service Houston construction company that has the knowledge, skill, and manpower to facilitate every aspect of your kitchen renovation, allowing your project to stay on budget and be completed on time.

Choose a Houston Kitchen Contractor with Proper Credentials

You should only trust fully licensed and insured Houston contractors with your Houston kitchen renovation. Not only will this ensure quality work is completed and protect you and your home should something unexpected occur during the course of the project, but it also showcases a company’s transparency, integrity, and commitment to the craft.

Our Houston construction company is fully insured, employs licensed contractors, and maintains affiliations with the National Association of Home Builders, Texas Association of Builders, and the Greater Houston Builders Association, to name a few. 

Choose A Houston Kitchen Renovation Company with Local Experience

Experience is an attribute that requires no explanation, as savvy homeowners know to choose a Houston kitchen renovation contractor who is familiar with every step of the process and will complete the work with skill. But local experience is of specific importance for a number of reasons, from which materials to use in our climate and where to find them, to understanding the process for obtaining permits to begin and complete your Houston kitchen renovation.

Our Houston construction company has been in business for over 50 years. And in that time we have completed countless projects of varying scale for residential and commercial properties throughout the Houston area.

Choose LEVELTX for Your Houston Kitchen Renovation

We know you have a choice in Houston remodeling companies, which is why we hope to earn your business and execute the Houston kitchen renovation of your dreams. Check our website for pictures of our recent projects and then call us to schedule and initial consultation. We won’t rest until your project is completed to your standard and vision, all while respecting your budget. See why so many Houstonians choose LEVELTX for their construction projects, big and small.

What to Expect from Fire Damage Disaster Restoration

What to Expect from Fire Damage Disaster Restoration

A house fire can turn your life upside down and leave you reeling emotionally, as well as cause significant damage to your home and everything in it. If you’ve experienced the devastation of a house fire, you’re likely anxious to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Regardless of the severity of your Houston fire damage, you want to address it quickly before more problems arise from the lingering smoke and water. At LEVELTX, we understand the emotional and physical turmoil the disaster left behind, and we’ll work tirelessly to restore your home after Houston fire damage so you can get your life and your home back. 

Steps in the Houston Fire Damage Restoration Process:

Once the smoke clears and you’ve had a chance to assess the damage, you’ll want to begin cleanup right away. Depending on the severity of the fire, your home is likely full of debris, water, and smoke. The longer these things sit, the more damage your home sustains, so a call to your homeowners insurance company and a remediation company, followed by our Houston fire damage restoration company should be at the top of your priority list. You can expect the following steps to bring your home back to its original state:

Step 1: Remove Belongings and Secure Property

In order to begin cleaning up the mess the fire left behind, a remediation company will remove all damage and debris from the home. At this point, you’ll need to determine which items are damaged beyond repair and which items you’d like restored. Your property will also be secured by boarding broken windows or tarping the roof to keep out the elements and protect everyone’s safety.

Step 2: Water Removal

When the fire department extinguished the fire, they used high-pressure hoses to do so, resulting in excess water that needs to be removed in order to prevent water damage

Step 3: Smoke and Soot Removal

This part of the Houston fire disaster restoration process involves removing the soot, dust, ashes, and other remaining particles the fire may have left behind. In this step, you can expect the removal of all smoke odors with specialized products and equipment that purifies the air and neutralizes odors. 

Step 4: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once all remnants of the fire itself have been removed from your home, it’s time to clean and sanitize the property to prepare it for step 5. 

Step 5: Construction and Repairs

Our Houston fire damage restoration process ends by repairing damaged structures in your home so that it is returned to its original state. This may include drywall repair, painting, replacing flooring, and other carpentry items that will make it appear as if a fire never occurred. We will also work hard to bring out the beauty you found in your house when you first made it your own by refreshing the interior design. Together, we'll help you feel right at home again.

Our Houston Construction Company Can Restore Your Home After Fire Damage

A house fire can be devastating to your property and your life, so trust LEVELTX to make the cleanup process a little less stressful by trusting us to restore your home to its original glory. As soon as the smoke clears, call us to come out and assess the damage. We’ll coordinate a plan to begin your fire damage restoration as soon as possible so you bring your property back to life.

How Houston Build on Your Lot Works

How Houston Build on Your Lot Works

Owning a plot of land comes with the freedom to build the house of your dreams. You’ve probably noticed that buying a home that meets all your needs, in the right neighborhood, and in your price range is becoming nearly impossible in this competitive Houston real estate market. If you, like many area residents, don’t want to settle on location or design, then the build on your lot option may be perfect for you. This article will explain how Houston build on your lot home construction works and how our Houston contractor can help you build your custom home in a way that unites your vision with our expertise.

Steps of the Houston Build on Your Lot Process  

Step 1: Consultation with our Houston Contractor

When you first meet with our Houston contractor, we’ll ask you some questions so we can get to know you and learn about your vision for your new-build home. We want to take the time to understand your needs, your tastes, and your budget. We want to work closely with you to set a clear direction moving forward, ensuring our ability to provide exactly what you’re looking for, while also staying on-budget. Once we gain a better understanding of the project, we’ll be ready to move on to the next stage of planning for your custom home. 

Step 2: Determine Houston Custom Home Floorplan

We offer a variety of 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom residential construction floor plans that are available for build on your lot projects. We can offer our suggestions according to your needs, taste, and budget. 

Step 3: Design and Finishes 

This is usually our clients’ favorite part of the build on your lot process. When you build your custom home, that means you get to pick all your materials and finishes, from the flooring to the ceiling fans and every light fixture in between. If this process feels overwhelming, we can offer our guidance as well, all while staying within your budget. We know how important it is to keep your project on-budget, so we’ll work with you to find alternatives to those design finishes or materials that may cost more than expected so you can have what you want without breaking the bank. 

Step 4: Build your Houston Custom Home

Once all the choices have been made and you’re satisfied with our plans, we’ll begin to build your custom home. We will carefully manage your project in order to ensure it’s done right, it’s done well, and it’s done on time. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in our quality and precise craftsmanship.

Houston Build on Your Lot with LEVELTX

If you’re ready to begin building the home of your dreams, call our skilled Houston contractor today! We have over 50 years of experience providing our clients with quality construction from start to finish. In addition to residential construction, LEVELTX also provides services in home remodeling, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and disaster restoration. We’re here for all your construction needs, and we love the fulfillment that comes from seeing a client’s vision become a reality, all while we guide, plan, and build your custom home.

Our Commitment To Your Vision

When you entrust LEVELTX with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into your new reality.


With over 50 years of combined design-build experience, LevelTX is a Houston-based premium builder for residential and commercial projects, as well as custom homes and Build On Your Lot.


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