Houston Renovation Vs. Remodel–What's the Difference?

Houston Renovation Vs. Remodel–What's the Difference?

Spring is the perfect time to begin the process of creating the home of your dreams. Whether you want to build your custom home or want to embark on a Houston renovation or Houston remodel on your existing home, LEVELTX is your best choice in a local house contractor. We pride ourselves in developing client relationships that allow us to guide you through the best decisions for your goals, budget, and home. But before we work toward these goals together, there are some key details that need to be understood, including the difference between a Houston renovation and a Houston remodel. This article will help you gain a better idea of which of these projects might be best for you and your property.

What is a Houston Renovation?

A Houston renovation is the process of restoring an existing space to its original state. This can be either a minor undertaking, such as repainting kitchen cabinets, replacing bathroom hardware, or retiling a floor, or it could be a complete renovation to restore a historic property. Regardless of how much is involved, the structure and layout of your home or the rooms within it are not dramatically changed.

What is a Houston Remodel?

A Houston remodel, on the other hand, involves altering the structure, layout, or configuration of your home. This includes anything from transforming your bathtub into a stand-up shower, to opening a wall between your kitchen and dining room and installing a kitchen island. Essentially, any change to the layout of your home is considered a Houston remodel. Because remodeling involves more labor and materials than a renovation in most cases, it is also the more expensive of the two options.

Should I Choose a Houston Renovation or Houston Remodel?

Determining which of these two options is best for your home depends upon what you hope to accomplish, as well as your budget and the time you have available to allow for the work to be completed. Houston remodels are more involved and therefore cost more and take longer than Houston renovations. If you’re on the fence about the vision you have for your home, our expert Houston home contractor can provide an estimate for different options and walk you through the process. We also offer disaster restoration services for properties that have sustained fire damage or water damage, as well as build on lot residential construction services.

LEVELTX Is Your Best Choice in a Local Houston Home Contractor

If you’re looking to transform your home by embarking on a Houston home remodel or Houston home renovation, we’re here to help you achieve the completion of your dreams. Contact our home contractor today to schedule an appointment, during which time we’ll discuss the vision you have for your home and establish a plan to achieve it. We take pride in making your goals our top priority, which means working as a team to provide the personal and professional service you deserve.

Top Houston Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Top Houston Kitchen Renovation Ideas

In most homes, the kitchen is used more than any other room, and not just for preparing meals. For the modern family, the kitchen is a place to cook, yes, but it’s also where parties are held, homework is completed, art projects are created, and the family gathers to spend quality time together. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it should reflect your lifestyle in both design and functionality.

Houston Kitchen Renovation Trends

If you’re considering a Houston kitchen renovation as a part of your home remodel, you probably know the project is no small undertaking. That’s why you want to make design choices that reflect these top trends in Houston kitchen renovation.

Houston Kitchen Cabinet Trends

We’re seeing a move toward a modern, sleek style of natural wood cabinets, especially in light or medium shades that showcase the grain. If you’re more interested in the rustic look of painted cabinets, stark white paint colors are being replaced by warmer, earthier tones, like taupe or beige. For those seeking a bolder design, two-toned kitchen cabinets are a popular choice, featuring black or navy painted cabinets lower cabinets contrasted against upper cabinets with a lighter hue.

Houston Kitchen Countertop Trends

Given all the activity our countertops see on a regular basis, you want a durable, stain-resistant countertop that maintains a timeless quality to last for years to come. For that reason, natural stone like quartz, granite, and marble are still the most popular choice in Houston countertops for your kitchen renovation. In an effort to stay on trend, opt for more uniform patterns, like lighter colors with subtle contrasting veins of gray.

Houston Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Because the backsplash is one of the easiest and most affordable features of your kitchen to replace, this is where many homeowners make fun, bold choices. Large, field tiles are all the rage for Houston kitchen renovations, as well as glazed tile backsplashes, and those in unique geometric shapes, like arabesque or herringbone. If you prefer a more uniform or simplistic vibe, marble backsplashes have become very popular in Houston home remodeling trends.

Houston Kitchen Hardware, Faucet, and Sink Trends

We’ve been seeing lots of gold, copper, and brass hardware for the past few years, but now many Houston kitchen renovations feature mixed metals throughout. As far as sinks and faucets, spacious apron sinks or single-bowl undermount sinks are still the most popular choice, as the added space is desirable for most busy families. As for your kitchen faucet, tall pre-rinse faucets make a bold statement, especially if your Houston kitchen renovation plans include installing your sink on an island, which will draw attention to its eye-catching architectural style.

Entrust LEVELTX with Your Kitchen Renovation

Choosing to begin a home remodel can be an exciting, but stressful experience, and making the right choices for your kitchen renovation may feel overwhelming. Thankfully, you can count on our team of Houston house contractors to guide you through every step of the process with professionalism and expert knowledge. Give us a call to discuss your home remodel project goals and explore our portfolio of recently-completed work. We look forward to making your kitchen renovation goals a reality!

Houston Custom Home Building Versus Build On Your Lot

Houston Custom Home Building Versus Build On Your Lot

Buying a brand new house is very exciting! With custom home building and build on your lot options in Houston, you can have a house that is tailored to your preferences from the get-go, all while letting these costs go into your monthly mortgage payments as opposed to paying for them later on like you would in a Houston home remodel or home renovation. How do you know which is the right option for you, though? Keep reading to find out!

The Difference Between Custom Homes and Building On Your Lot

When homeowners discuss building a custom home, it could mean either building a custom home in a subdivision or building on your own land. Here is how the two methods compare:

Build On Your Lot in Houston

When you build on your lot, you purchase a piece of empty land and build a home from scratch. This means you source your own builder and design the house from zero–including designing the floor plan with a team of engineers and architects and planning the execution of your vision. When building on your own land, you get full control over design decisions, from colors to finishes and even to how your home is oriented on your land. 

Building a Custom Home in Houston

When you opt to build a custom home, this refers to building a new construction in a subdivision that has already laid out the plots of land and chosen its builder(s). It’s important to note that a custom home does give you some level of flexibility in terms of design and finishes, but it is limited compared to building on your lot. 

Pros and Cons of Custom Homes and Build On Your Lot Homes

While both are fantastic options for homeowners who want to live in their dream homes, neither is completely perfect. 

Pros of Building on Your Lot:

  • Full control over the appearance of your home
  • Quicker completion because your house is the only one they’re working on in the area

Cons of Building on Your Lot:

  • Making these decisions can be overwhelming
  • It can get pricey

Pros of Building a Custom Home

  • Making decisions is a bit easier due to the limited (but greatly varied) offerings
  • Custom homes allow for some negotiation due to differing plot sizes and finishes

Cons of Building a Custom Home

  • Building takes longer since builders are working on other homes in the community at the same time
  • Design options are more limited 

LEVELTX Can Help You Build The Home of Your Dreams

Regardless of if you opt to build a custom home in one of our developments or build on your lot, our Houston construction company can help you move into your dream home. Not only does our Houston home builder work within your budget, but we also take ownership of our role in helping you live in a house that has everything you could need and want. If you’d like to bring your dream to life, please contact us. We look forward to working together.

How to Pick a Houston Home Remodeling Company

How to Pick a Houston Home Remodeling Company

Choosing to execute a home remodeling project is a major decision to make and not an easy task to complete. Therefore, it's imperative that you work with the right Houston home remodeling company. In this article, we’ll offer our best tips to keep in mind when selecting a construction company to partner with in making your vision a reality.

First, Have a Vision in Mind For Your Houston Home Remodeling Project

Although you want to work with a remodeling contractor that knows what they’re doing, it’s always helpful to have your own vision in mind as well. This will ensure that you really love the end result of your remodeling project. It also makes it easier to vet which company will best meet your needs. If you don’t know what you want, how will you be able to pick a high-quality remodeling company to do the work?

Try Asking Your Friends Or Neighbors

Houston is no stranger to crazy weather, hence why many homeowners seek our disaster restoration services. If your friend, neighbors, or other family members recently had some work done on their houses, ask them who they worked with! We have worked with countless homeowners on disaster restoration, home remodeling, and even new construction and build-on-your-lot projects.

Do Some Independent Research 

While asking for recommendations on a Houston home remodeling company is great, some homeowners or commercial property owners prefer to do their own additional research just to be sure. Look for construction companies in your area and browse their website. Is their website modern? Does it get an agreeable message across? Does it showcase some of their work? What do their reviews say? All of these are important to look for when sourcing a Houston home remodeling company. 

Interview Different Houston Home Remodel Companies

Once you’ve browsed a few different remodeling companies in the Houston area, it’s time to narrow down your top 2-5 choices. It’s a great idea to call these options and interview them. This is the best time to ask for more details about their certifications, experience, and even their process! Not to mention, a conversation gives you an idea of whether or not you and your chosen Houston home remodeling company will work well together.

Ready to Remodel Your Home? LEVELTX Can Help!

Choosing to invest in a Houston home remodel is very exciting! However, because it’s a large investment of both your time and money, you deserve to feel like you can trust the company you’re working with. If you’d like to execute a home remodeling project that meets your needs in a timely manner and within your budget, please contact us. Our remodeling company would love to talk and learn more about how we can help you.

What's Your Design Style For Your New Construction Home In Houston

What's Your Design Style For Your New Construction Home In Houston

If you’re in the market for a brand new house that you can make your very own from start to finish, then build-on-your-lot may be a great option! Not only does this let you pick your ideal location, but it also lets you call all the shots when it comes to your dream home design. Not to mention, as a new construction home, you don’t have to worry about fixing old issues and spending more money than you initially budgeted for. 

However, as exciting as it is to get a brand new home, trying to decide what interior design style to achieve is tough considering how many options there are. In this article, our Houston residential construction company will walk you through some of the most popular and appealing interior design styles for your build-on-your-lot construction.

Traditional Interior Design

A traditional home plays on tried and true European design styles. Traditional features may include the use of columns, crown moldings, and decorative detailing in some structural components. Tried and true, the timelessness of traditional builds brings a certain level of comfort and coziness. 

Modern Interior Design

The “modern” style first emerged in the 1920’s, a time when abstract thinking became more normalized. A modern interior design is typically characterized by form-meets-function, clean lines, and simplicity. When our Houston residential construction team kicks off your build-on-your-lot project, our team will design and build an easy, intuitive layout that is relatively simple and toned down. Your decoration may also consist of neutral and simple elements.

Transitional Interior Design

If modern is too toned-down for your liking and traditional isn’t current enough, then you might be inclined to transitional interior design. Transitional design is appropriately named due to the fact that it’s a good compromise between a traditional home and a modern home. 

A transitional home built by our Houston construction company will consist of the simple/straightforward and intuitive layout associated with modern builds, while also paying homage to the timeless classy vibes a traditional home has. You can think of a transitional home as a cozy one reminiscent of ornamental European architecture that blends with modern simplicity and sleekness. 

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style homes boast a sense of familiarity and openness to accommodate a big family and plenty of get-togethers with friends. The modern farmhouse is inviting while also incorporating the simplicity of modern construction and the earthy tones and features that might be associated with a typical farmhouse.

Whatever Your Design Style Is, Our Houston Construction Company Will Bring It To Life

Houston build-on-your-lot construction is the perfect way to design and build a completely custom home on your terms. What you envision for your dream house doesn’t need to remain an idea. If you’re planning to build on your lot, please contact our Houston new construction company. We would love to get an understanding of what you’re looking for in your home and work with you to make it your new reality!

Our Commitment To Your Vision

When you entrust LEVELTX with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into your new reality.


With over 50 years of combined design-build experience, LevelTX is a Houston-based premium builder for residential and commercial projects, as well as custom homes and Build On Your Lot.


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