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Houston Commercial Builder

LevelTX is the GOLD standard of the construction industry.

With more than 50 years of combined experience building commercial projects of all types, LevelTX brings innovation, value, and quality to deliver a safe, exceptional project implementation.

What Our
Have To Say
“[LEVELTX] inspired confidence that they could do the job, and they did–they were very, very meticulous about every detail.”

– Keith Shaftel, owner and president of Shaftel Diamonds

Project Implementation
Exceptional Project Implementation

As a valued business partner, LevelTX offers a five-star customer experience from the design phase to post-production. Our collaborative approach to every aspect of the building process ensures successful project delivery: on time, within budget, and meeting or surpassing all quality standards.

Exceptional Safety Standards
Exceptional Safety Standards

LevelTX is committed to employee safety on and off the field. As a result, we have had ZERO RECORDABLES since the company's inception.

LevelTX Commercial Projects


Grocery Stores

Shopping Centers


Sports Facilities

Medical Facilities

Office Buildings

Hotel & Lodging Facilities

Gas Stations

LevelTX Operation Highlights


Zero Safety


Managed Millions of
Dollars in Project Costs


Zero Liquidated

Current Commercial Projects

Scenthound - Shepherd Location
Scenthound - Shepherd Location
Time: 3 Months
Shaftel Diamonds
Shaftel Diamonds
Time: 10 weeks
Scenthound - Meyerland Location
Scenthound - Meyerland Location
Time: 3 Months
Sugaring NYC
Sugaring NYC
Time: 3 Months
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next construction

The LevelTX Edge


Design Phase

In the design phase, LevelTX ensures that project details are discussed and planned. We offer feasibility consultations through schematic and design development, site analysis, constructability, code compliance reviews, energy and materials evaluation, budgeting, and permit applications, including risk and safety study.



  • Safety Program & Onsite Compliance
  • CPM Schedules
  • Function and Scope Management
  • Safety & Security
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Site Logistics and Phasing Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Document and Change Management Control
  • Occupancy Coordination


Beginning from the design phase to post-production, we want to make sure that every design-build journey is worth taking. LevelTX’s extensive industry knowledge ensures that the customer has a meaningful and seamless building experience every step of the way.

LevelTX is the GOLD standard of the construction industry.

When you entrust LevelTX with your construction project, you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to turning your vision into reality.


With over 50 years of combined design-build experience, LevelTX is a Houston-based premium builder for residential and commercial projects, as well as custom homes and Build On Your Lot.


Lake Breeze Community
Front Office and Model Home
11045 N Lake Mist Ln
Willis, TX 77318, USA