Houston Construction Design Services

As a full–service construction company in Houston, we place great emphasis on construction design–a process consisting of engineering and design planning and collaboration. When preparing for your commercial or residential construction project, our team will take a close look at your engineering and design needs and cater to them in a timely and organized manner so that, when the time comes to actually build out your project, the process is seamless and gives you results that you are pleased with.

Construction Design Consists Of Two Branches:



Engineers play a critical role in executing your construction project. When you have an idea for a project, an engineer will work with you to understand what your goals for your space are. With this information, the engineer will be able to determine the feasibility of your vision, the best way to accomplish your goals, and what they need to do in order to implement safe and effective mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Engineers will also make certain that your residential or commercial build is structurally sound and also advise us on how we can remain within your budget without sacrificing the structural integrity.



The design aspect consists of architecture, interior design, and situating permits. Once we get the green light from the engineers, the architect will begin to plan the design based on the engineer’s recommendations to make your vision a reality. Based on the architect’s plans and ideas, the designer will start to plan the interior flow and appearance.

It’s important to work with the design team early on, as the design must be agreed upon between the engineer, architect, and interior designers. By collaborating early on, any adjustments that are necessary to the fulfillment of your vision can be made before we work on permits.

Every construction project requires certain permits that must be issued by the city and the county. These permits give our team permission to work because they ensure we will remain compliant with building and safety regulations. Permits cannot be issued without a plan that everyone agrees on.

Extensive Planning Leads to the Successful Completion of Your Construction Project

LEVELTX believes planning is the key to the seamless execution of your dream construction project. We look forward to collaborating with you and getting started on making your vision a reality.